My Name in Abbi and I lost my son to adoption when I was only 17 years old. In 2008, My parents sent me away to a maternity home that shared a property with their affiliated adoption agency. I was coerced and spiritually manipulated into relinquishing my parental rights. My pleads for support were called selfish and disobedient to God.

After loosing my son and gaining freedom from the maternity home, the reality of the trauma sunk in. I wound up marrying the father of my son and we have two more children together. After 14 years of an extremely rigid, mediated “open adoption”, we asked to be allowed an honest relationship with our son. The adoptive parents cut us off and we have had zero contact with our now 15 year old son for nearly 2 years.

I began posting videos on social media platforms about the experience of being a birth mother back in April of 2023. I hope to continue building bridges and connections for the betterment of everyone touched by the experience of adoption or family separation.

Voiceless Birthmother