Amanda Schneider resides in Tempe, Arizona, alongside her husband of two decades, three boys and three rescue dogs. Serving as the Executive Director for Amplify Voices, a nonprofit committed to empowering individuals from marginalized communities, Amanda facilitates advocacy for change at both local and national levels. 

During her teenage years, Amanda discovered that she was likely donor-conceived. Years later, at the age of 45, she sent in a genetic test kit, curious to see if she would find one or two half-siblings. When her results returned with eight, including one 20 years her senior, she thought there must be a mistake. Upon connecting with her half-sister Lynne, Amanda learned the truth – she was part of a vast sibling network spanning 30 years in age and potentially comprising hundreds of half-siblings. 

Continuing to navigate a spectrum of emotions, Amanda remains fascinated by the gradual process of meeting these previously unknown adults who share 50% of her DNA. This discovery has prompted her to contemplate the true meaning of terms like siblings, sisters, brothers, and family.