Annette L Becklund is a therapist for over twenty years, specializing in Developmental Disabilities, a Mental Health Consultant, writer, and workshop facilitator. Originally from New Jersey, and now in Florida, she is a person who found out her dad was not her biological father. Annette is an NPE (Not Parent Expected) woman who is a professional member of The MPE Counseling Collective, and a member of several support groups with approximately 10,000 members. Annette and her colleagues published a professional study in the Journal of Integrative Medicine, published an article on NPEs in In Focus, a magazine for therapists in Florida, and has spoken on Ancestry Discoveries and related treatment. She facilitates a Facebook page called Ancestry Discoveries and has been a guest on a podcast on the same topic. Author of “Ancestry Discoveries: What Happens Under the Sheets Doesn’t Stay There” available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Annette self-published Warren is Wonderful, a children’s book for children with autism. She loves spending time with her husband, Ray, a talented artist, her three pups: Abbie, Zeva, Rafiki and cat, Spirit.

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