Dr. Abigail Hasberry is a transracial adoptee, executive leadership coach, and licensed marriage and family therapist associate. With a background in education as a former teacher and principal, she has experience in private, traditional public, and charter schools. Dr. Hasberry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in African American studies and sociology, a Master of Arts in teaching, K-12, a Master of Education in counseling and development, and a Ph.D. in curriculum & instruction. In addition, she is currently completing a Master of Science degree in industrial/organizational behavior.

Dr. Hasberry’s research and publications focus on identity development, diversity, and the experiences of black teachers in private, affluent, and predominantly white schools. She is also actively involved in training therapists on adoption informed practices and has been a guest speaker on adoption, identity development, and trauma in various podcasts and webinars. She is in the process of publishing her memoir, Adopting Privilege.

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Hasberry is married and has raised three children. Her personal journey as an adoptee and birth mom fuels her dedication to supporting adult adoptees and birth mothers in their own paths of healing and growth.