Eve Sturges launched her podcast, Everything’s Relative with Eve Sturges in 2019, exactly 1 year after a mysterious man turned her world–and identity–upside down. Learning about the Non-Parent Expected, and the wider MPE, communities gave Eve hope during a difficult time, and a purpose in the expanding landscape of DNA testing. Forever dedicated to creating community, spreading truth, and developing empathy, Eve invites everyone affected or involved in a DNA-discovery to join her for conversation on her podcast. Since its inception, ERWES has posted more than 100 episodes, interviewed more than 150 people, and logged over 100,000 downloads.

In 2022 Eve used her experience as a licensed psychotherapist to develop Who Even Am I Anymore: A Process Journal for the Adoptee, Late-Discovery Adoptee, Donor Conceived, NPE and MPE communities, now available on Amazon. Eve spends most of her time in Los Angeles, although she enjoys traveling to Hierath Hope & Healing Retreats as a facilitator and guest. Her private practice serves clients affected by DNA discoveries as well as the myriad life challenges facing everyone today. She has a supportive and patient husband, three kids, and one dog. Eve is best reached via email, eve@everythingsrelativepodcast.com or through her website, www.everythingsrelativepodcast.com.