Jason Taylor grew up in Iowa. His biological father left prior to being born and denied that Jason was his son. Jason was raised by his mother for 8 years until she married his step father who adopted Jason. Jason grew up knowing very little of his biological father. In college Jason discovered he had a half brother. Things changed dramatically in 2018 when Jason received an email from a half sister that was verified through Ancestry.com. After Jason and his sister connected they discovered and met an additional five siblings for a total of seven. Jason and his sister developed a close bond and also established relationships with the other siblings. Jason also finally met his biological father in 2019. Discovering a new family has been challenging, rewarding and sometimes frustrating. Having found his siblings, Jason does feel extremely blessed. Jason currently lives in Kansas City. He has been married to his wife of 27 years and they two have raised two children. Jason loves movies, hiking, and fitness.