Leslie Pate Mackinnon has maintained a private psychotherapy practice for four decades. She resides in Atlanta and presents both nationally and internationally on issues that impact families conceived through adoption and third-party reproduction. She’s been on GOOD MORNING AMERICA w/ Robin Roberts, and on CNN discussing the impact of the internet on adoption. She was featured in DAN RATHER’s investigative report; ADOPTION OR ABDUCTION and was most recently on the Katie Couric show along with her oldest son Pete.

Leslie’s story is included in the book; The Girls Who Went Away, and the documentary A GIRL LIKE HER. Drawn to the field by placing her two firstborn sons for adoption when she was a teenager, her passion today is to educating as many therapists as possible, before she drops! She currently serves on the Evan B. Donaldson’s Board of Directors. For fun she reads voraciously, listens to jazz and sings in a gospel choir.

For more information about Leslie, please visit www.lesliepatemackinnon.com.