Dr. Michelle Tullier is an NPE and nationally certified career counselor with more than 30 years’ experience helping people navigate the practical and emotional sides of career development and job search for more fulfilling and successful work lives. She served as Executive Director of the Georgia Tech career center, as one of Monster.com’s first online career coaches, and in regional leadership roles with a global outplacement firm serving clients from individual contributors to executives. She holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology from UCLA and BA from Wellesley College.

Michelle is the founder of Careers Uncomplicated, a full-time career coaching practice that serves clients remotely across the U.S.(www.careersuncomplicated.com). In 2023 she earned one of the highest honors in her profession, the Outstanding Career Practitioner Award from the National Career Development Association. Since learning of her NPE status in 2016, Michelle has done deep and difficult work to process her new identity and has developed a special interest in how MPE experiences can impact career choices, career identities, and attitudes toward work. (Tullier is pronounced “tool-yay.”)