Peter J. Boni credits his disruptive childhood, a college education from The University of Massachusetts@Amherst, decorated on-the-ground service as a US Army Special Operations Team Leader in Vietnam (coined his “Rice Paddy MBA”), love of his family and friendship circle, plus luck-of-the-draw DNA with making him the person he has become today…a best-selling author, senior advisor, keynote speaker, fun-loving grandfather, and an advocate for the rights of the donor-conceived. 

In his most recent book, Uprooted: Family Trauma, Unknown Origins, and the Secretive History of Artificial Insemination, Peter shares both an intimate memoir as well as a tell-all expose` of scientific, legal, and sociological history and evolution of the Assisted Reproductive Technology industry, through the lens of someone who had experienced the trauma of discovering later in life that he was misattributed ; in his case via an anonymous sperm donor.

During his accomplished business career (high-tech CEO, venture capitalist, board chairman, non-profit leader, award-winning entrepreneur), Peter has applied “lessons of leadership through adversity” from his life-altering experiences–themes found throughout his first book, All Hands on Deck: Navigating Your Team Through Crises, Getting Your Organization Unstuck, and Emerging Victorious

An inspiring public speaker with a storytelling, audience-participation style, Peter enjoys an active physical regimen, entertaining and boating with friends and family while at his Cape Cod residence, and traveling with his wife to, among other locales, San Francisco and New York City, to visit their growing family.