Sheridan Anderson (she/her), a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and trained family mediator, is the heart behind Sliding Doors Counseling

Her journey into the world of high-conflict relationships, life transitions, and DNA surprises is not just professional—it’s deeply personal. Growing up, she believed her father had died by suicide, a narrative that shaped her early life. However, a DNA test in 2018 revealed a different truth: the man she thought was her father wasn’t her biological parent. This revelation reshaped Sheridan’s understanding of mental health and identity, fueling her passion to help others on similar paths.

Sheridan has shared her insights on DNA podcasts and as a public speaker, addressing topics such as the impact of perceived genetic history on personal identity and her own mental health journey and the importance of coping skills to manage anxiety. She is also on the RTK board.

Sheridan is also a regular human—sometimes anxious, occasionally awkward, and mostly funny. For more insights and updates, follow Sheridan on Instagram @slidingdoorscounseling and on Facebook at Sliding Doors Counseling.