Born in Toledo, Ohio in 1962, I was raised an only child always longing for brothers and sisters.  My parents had been married for 14 years when they sought fertility assistance in Detroit, Michigan. 

I have always had an avid interest in genealogy.  After putting my notes away for a number of years, I began seriously researching my family history and making break throughs in 2010.  In 2018, I took a DNA test in hopes of furthering my research.  Instead, I lost half of my family tree and my connections to ancestors who would have given me membership to the DAR and several other pioneer organizations.

My parents were unaware that a donor was involved and thought it was my Dad’s samples that were being used in the fertility treatments. 

I have discovered 16 brothers and sisters (so far).  Through good old fashioned genealogy research and further DNA testing, I have identified our biological father and together we have been able to piece together a more complete story of how we all came to be.

I am a former teacher, corporate trainer, and business owner.  I currently serve the City of Covington, Kentucky as City Clerk, having attained my Master Municipal Clerk certification through the International Institute for Municipal Clerks.  I live in Burlington, Kentucky and I am married to the love of my life, Dennis.  We have two children, Arrianne, and Mitchell, and three rescue Corgis, Peanut, Remi, and Bella.  We enjoy wine making, traveling and entertaining.  Our dogs have inspired our brand, Classy Canine Wines.