Request for Speaker Proposals - Submissions close October 22, 2023

    The purpose of Untangling Our Roots is to provide a warm, friendly, inclusive environment where all attendees feel safe to engage with other attendees, speak freely, to grow, and learn in a supportive community.

    Proposals should highlight current topics related to the needs and interests of our three communities: adoption, assisted reproduction, persons with a non-paternal event, and all members of the constellation.

    Desirable presentation proposals will—

    •Address topics with engaging and creative formats

    •Generate lively interactions/deep reflection/effective learning among participants

    Suggested topics include:

    •Awareness of and management of prevalent addiction issues

    •Boundary setting

    •Creative workshops: art, music, kintsugi, writing, oral speaking …

    •Cultural integration / ethnic identity

    •Epigenetics / Dark DNA / Science related

    •Ethnic identity / Cultural identity

    •Healing strategies to move forward

    •Health issues and genetics

    •Nature versus nurture debate

    •Power of language

    •Understanding and managing the trauma component of being part of the communities

    •Utilizing Self-care / Mental health practices/mechanisms


    PROMOTION OF EVENT: All speakers are expected to promote the Summit on social media.

    PRE-MEETING FOR PANELS: All participants on a panel are required to meet prior to the Summit to do a test-run and “meet” each other.

    SOCIAL MEDIA PROMO VIDEOS: We are asking all speakers to record a video clip (unless you opted out in the submission form) for us to share on social media in anticipation of the Summit. Just a short video about why you are excited to be at Summit or what you’re excited to talk about at Summit. Keep videos less than 90 seconds.

    COMPENSATION: Untangling Our Roots do not have funds to compensate speakers. All speakers will receive $70 off the regular ticket price, this is an “at-cost” price.

    SPEAKER DAY: If selected, your time slot will be assigned for 4/26 or 4/27.

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